With more than 11,000 submissions from 61 countries, the international "red dot design award" is the largest and most renowned design competition in the world. The award is as a seal of quality; it stands for membership of the best in design and business.

The iF product design award honors extraordinary achievements in design with one of the oldest and most distinguished design awards in the world. Since 1953, the iF product design award has been recognized as a label for good design and recognizes products yearly that ingeniously unite functionality, comfort, aesthetics, and embrace the challenges of innovation.


Adidas T-mac Hug was awarded both iF and Red dot design awards within the 2005 product design category and repesented signature footwear for NBA superstar Tracy McGrady.


Adidas T-mac 5 was awarded a red dot award within the 2006 product design category and represented sgnature footwear for NBA superstar Tracy McGrady.