Footwear Design_

PBC excels at innovative construction methods, material treatments and applications, and above all, function. We express designs in rich, visual form to inspire and motivate creating that feeling for your customers by designing products that do more than fulfill a basic function but connect emotionally.

      Lifestyle/ Casual
      Volume/price point specific
      Materials selection/ Collaboration


Footwear development_

Every innovation starts with a simple idea. We contextualize it, refine it, test it, and build it— but with every layer of complexity added, we make sure that the idea stays recognizable and the customer experience intuitive. We engineer smart solutions to address complex problems increasing the value of your product in order to stay competitive.

Technology development_ 
From concept generation to factory handoff, we leverage our knowledge of technology. We have the expertise to guide you through the development of technologically superior products. We have the capacity to translate scientific findings into technical and engineering advancement. We gain an understanding of your business needs and constraints. We assess your goal. We adapt and invent. We test. We adjust. We make it real.

Sourcing and Commercialization_

We guide you in the transition from design to manufacturing. We assist you in the evaluation and selection of manufacturing partners to ensure that the design is delivered successfully.


Strategic design_

Much attention has been given to design’s role in business. At its simplest, this means thinking holistically about how design communicates your brand promise to your market in a cohesive and captivating way across your entire product offering. We define brand attributes and translate them into tangible elements that can be used to make individual moments of brand interaction feel personal and memorable. PBC helps clients move to a place where design thinking delivers on business goals and creates real value, uncovers new opportunities, invents targeted offerings, and reaches new markets. We connect your business goals to your customers through design.

      Design audit
      Design language
      Brand language
      Brand guideline development


Graphic design_

Brand Definition_ 
We develop visual and verbal tools—identities, language and guidelines—that help you communicate your brand consistently.

Messaging Strategy_ 
We define the best way to communicate based on your business goals and the audience you wish to reach. What you say is important—figuring out how, when and where to say it is what makes it effective.


Web design/development_

We develop interactive micro-sites and full-scale websites to engage the audience to promote your product and brand. We combine multi-media marketing collateral and online marketing tools to deliver impactful and measurable results.