Industry leading products, with market staying power, must be launched at the forefront of the product life cycle curve; an area where the consumer is unfamiliar with. We understand the the sameness landscape of the market and offering something fresh is the key to success. We believe that the very best products have an emotional appeal and the purchase decision is based, in part, on emotion. PBC creates products for tomorrow that people are comfortable with today.



PBC Process

Although design at times can be non-linear and messy, our design process is structured to work efficiently and each project we do is customized for the challenge at hand. The scoping of the project plan is when our approach starts to take shape, and where our partnership with you begins.




Understanding the current market climate, including the competition is key when identifying opportunities. Inspiration imagery is used as a blue print in defining a mood, ultimately to tell a story.



Inspiration can be obtained from just about anywhere or anything.  Just have to keep your eyes and mind wide open.
The synthesis of passion and innovation drive ideas that are commuicated visually via presentation sketches and/or CAD format.



After selecting a definitive direction with our client, necessary refinement is needed to transition the “idea” into something commercial and tangible. Identifying initial construction solutions are not uncommon at this stage.



Make ideas a reality. Implement solutions that are business-responsible, consumer-relevant, and market-distinctive.